Falling into Another Vintage

As the weather cools and the kids have headed back to school, life is returning to a distinct pace and routine. For wineries and vineyards throughout the northwest, harvest has begun and for some, is in full swing!   The 2015 vintage is shaping up to be a historically warm one with our first fruit… Read more »

A Perfect Day in Boise, ID

What a pleasure to be included in Sunset Magazine’s feature of Boise. This truly is a fantastic place. Read the Full Article Here >>>>

Summer sippers: 10 Idaho wines to brighten your palate and your day

Thank you Idaho Statesman for including Kat’s favorite Idaho summer sipper. Read the full article for some great recommendations from members of the Idaho Wine Industry. Read the Full Story Here >>>

From Barley to Beer

Winemakers across the globe say ‘Great beer makes great wine’.   While we love our wine, being around it constantly can lessen our desire to pull out that cork.  After all, we spend hours putting corks in bottles!  Instead, we would rather hear the clinking of beer glasses. So came about our saying, and in honor… Read more »

The Battle of Preservation Methods

When it comes to wine preservation wine drinkers will try anything to be able to make that open bottle last longer than a few days.  The most common forms of preserving wine are pumps and gases. Unfortunately neither of these tends to fully achieve the job.  Instead they leave wine drinkers disappointed in a wine… Read more »

Food notes: Learn about wine; dine at Edge Brewing; Crooked Fence celebrates two years

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Northwest Wine Night Radio

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10 Great Things to do in Northwest Wine Country

Now that is exciting! Thanks Wine Press Northwest for including us in your list. Click here to view “10 Great Things to do in Northwest Wine Country”

The H.O.W. Behind Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Every family has their own traditions, whether it is pretending to enjoy grandma’s green jell-o or making sure the stuffing is made just right. One of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving is getting to share those family traditions with other people. This year we want to share with you our favorite Thanksgiving recipes and the… Read more »

Vintage 2013…. A Harvest to Enjoy

Every year winemakers across the world predict, plan and of course, pray for a great vintage.  We know it never turns out the same but we draw upon our knowledge, technical tools and of course, perspective from colleagues, to prepare for the onslaught of fruit.  While we’re still wrapping up the 2013 vintage in Idaho… Read more »

How to Create the Perfect Cheese & Wine Pairing

There is something unique about enjoying perfectly paired cheeses and wine. If you are like me, then an ordinary cubed cheese plate won’t suffice as you want to awe your guest with perfect pairings. Cheeses, just like wine, develop their unique flavors through different fermentation, ripening and aging processes. When it comes to cheese and… Read more »

“Crush” Class: Behind the Scenes

The process of turning grapes into wine is one that has been occurring for thousands of years.  As a winemaker and instructor, I tend to take the whole process for granted and forget what an exciting endeavor fermentation can be.  That is until I have a group of enthusiastic and engaged students remind me, as… Read more »

Falling Back in Love with Red Wine

While many of us look to the changing leaves for the approach of Fall, I look to the change in wine menus. With the falling leaves comes the reduction of refreshing white wines and the appearance of bold, warming red wines. Each harvest I find myself falling back in love with my favorite classic red… Read more »

Local Wine Events and Classes

Thank you Boise Weekly for including our classes in your article. Read Boise Weekly’s “Local Wine Events and Classes” to see what other fun events are going on. Read more on Boise Weekly’s website

From Grape to Glass: Harvesting in a Nutshell

With the start of September a distinctive buzz begins to fill the air in Idaho’s wineries. Machines begin to turn, grapes begin to be picked and the subtle hum of fermenting grapes can be heard in the cellar. That is right; it is harvest time in the great state of Idaho. While many of us… Read more »

Masters of Wine set to critique Idaho wine industry

We were excited to be quoted in the Great Northwest Wine website article titled “Masters of Wine set to critique Idaho wine industry.” Read more on the Great Northwest Wine website »

Idaho’s high-elevation Pinot Gris produces awards, fans

We were excited to be quoted in the Great Northwest Wine website article titled “Idaho’s high-elevation Pinot Gris produces awards, fans.” Read more on the Great Northwest Wine website »

Urban Wine Tour

We all love spending a day out in our wine country, driving winding roads surrounded by vines and orchards, and leisurely sipping away on wines in the great outdoors.  And, while we love wine country, sometimes the drive back after a full day of tasting can be less than exciting. So, we’ll let you in… Read more »

June is Idaho Wine Month

Watch the Video Clip on KIVI-TV »

Great Beer makes Great Wine

There is a saying that, as members of the wine industry, we have learned to love; ‘Great beer makes great wine’.   While we love our wine, being around it constantly can lessen our desire to pull out that cork (heck, we spend hours putting corks in bottles).  Instead, we would rather hear the clinking of… Read more »

Taste of Two Idahos

We’re excited to be featured in Salt Lake Magazine’s travel article titled “Taste of Two Idahos,” by Mary Brown Malouf. Read more on the Salt Lake Magazine’s website »

A Hidden Secret in Napa

When thinking about the Napa Valley it is common to think BIG. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, large ornate tasting rooms, and wineries that produce tens of thousands of cases of wine. While this is common, like every great wine region, Napa has its hidden secrets. Amongst the Mondavi and   Beringer’s, Napa… Read more »

Forget the Numbers, Remember the Art

When discussing with friends and colleagues the merits of wine judging, the responses I receive vary from envy to hatred.  Friends perceive this as a magical position wherein I drink copious amounts of wine while marking scores with a bright red pen in a fashion reminiscent of the teacher in, “The Christmas Story”.    Others, including… Read more »

Can Moscato Challenge Chardonnay?

Can Moscato challenge Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for dominance on the world stage? “Classic” grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are much like the “classic” wine regions from which they reign: well-known, top-selling varietals that hold permanence in the marketplace.  However, just as with wine regions across the world, market dominance is a… Read more »

Great Northwest Wine Competition

Kat was honored to be a judge at the inaugural Great Northwest Wine Competition took place March 16-17, 2013, at the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River, Ore. The competition drew nearly 800 entries from wineries in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

Strengthening, widening Idaho’s wine culture, one sip at a time

We were excited to be featured in the Idaho Statesman article titled “Strengthening, widening Idaho’s wine culture, one sip at a time.” Read more on the Idaho Statesman website »

Soils Impact on Wine

How does soil influence wine quality? Regardless of the region or the varietal, wine quality is the sum of a wine’s intensity, complexity and balance.  Wine lovers and romanticists often describe that they can taste the soil in the wine.  While such declarations may be scientifically challenged, it is clear that soil has a direct… Read more »

New to Wine: You’re not Alone!

Critics, educated oenophiles, and wine trades people have begrudged the de-sophistication of wine consumption.  Historically accepted as a drink for the elite across the world, the acceptance of wine by peoples of varied classes and cultures is growing.  Increased availability and production across the globe have allowed wine to penetrate formerly uninterested markets wherein wine… Read more »

Wine for Thought: Acidity

Acid is a fundamental component of wine and impacts wine structure and microbial stability as well as sensory perception. If a wine has too much acid it can taste sour but if it has too little it can taste dull, lifeless and flabby. In an ideal world, all harvested grapes will contain an exact balance… Read more »