The Science of Wine

The Battle of Preservation Methods

When it comes to wine preservation wine drinkers will try anything to be able to make that open bottle last longer than a few days.  The most common forms of preserving wine are pumps and gases. Unfortunately neither of these tends to fully achieve the job.  Instead they leave wine drinkers disappointed in a wine… Read more »

Vintage 2013…. A Harvest to Enjoy

Every year winemakers across the world predict, plan and of course, pray for a great vintage.  We know it never turns out the same but we draw upon our knowledge, technical tools and of course, perspective from colleagues, to prepare for the onslaught of fruit.  While we’re still wrapping up the 2013 vintage in Idaho… Read more »

“Crush” Class: Behind the Scenes

The process of turning grapes into wine is one that has been occurring for thousands of years.  As a winemaker and instructor, I tend to take the whole process for granted and forget what an exciting endeavor fermentation can be.  That is until I have a group of enthusiastic and engaged students remind me, as… Read more »

From Grape to Glass: Harvesting in a Nutshell

With the start of September a distinctive buzz begins to fill the air in Idaho’s wineries. Machines begin to turn, grapes begin to be picked and the subtle hum of fermenting grapes can be heard in the cellar. That is right; it is harvest time in the great state of Idaho. While many of us… Read more »

Soils Impact on Wine

How does soil influence wine quality? Regardless of the region or the varietal, wine quality is the sum of a wine’s intensity, complexity and balance.  Wine lovers and romanticists often describe that they can taste the soil in the wine.  While such declarations may be scientifically challenged, it is clear that soil has a direct… Read more »

Wine for Thought: Acidity

Acid is a fundamental component of wine and impacts wine structure and microbial stability as well as sensory perception. If a wine has too much acid it can taste sour but if it has too little it can taste dull, lifeless and flabby. In an ideal world, all harvested grapes will contain an exact balance… Read more »