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Northwest Wine Night Radio

Jan 10, 2014

News & Articles

  Listen to the Broadcast >>(...)

10 Great Things to do in Northwest Wine Country

Jan 9, 2014

News & Articles

Now that is exciting! Thanks Wine Press Northwest for including us in your list. Click here to view "10 Great Things to do in Northwest Wine Country"(...)

Urban Wine Tour

Jun 10, 2013

News & Articles

We all love spending a day out in our wine country, driving winding roads surrounded by vines and orchards, and leisurely sipping away on wines in the great outdoors.  And, while we love wine country, som(...)

Great Beer makes Great Wine

May 20, 2013

News & Articles

There is a saying that, as members of the wine industry, we have learned to love; ‘Great beer makes great wine’.   While we love our wine, being around it constantly can lessen our desire to pull out(...)

A Hidden Secret in Napa

Apr 15, 2013

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When thinking about the Napa Valley it is common to think BIG. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, large ornate tasting rooms, and wineries that produce tens of thousands of cases of wine. While this is c(...)