Qualifications & Experience

We are the real deal; Idaho’s only wine laboratory.  You can read about our qualifications here. We have over 13 years in wine-specific laboratory analysis experience. While that’s great, it’s our personal attentiveness to detail and type-A personalities that make our lab one of the best in the Northwest. Perfectionism doesn’t come in handy often, but in a lab, it’s essential.

Quality Results


Our primary technologies for enzymatic analyses include a Chemwell Automatic Analyzer and a Genesys 10 UV Spectrophotometer (our back-up machine).

  • Brix and Density measurements are performed with our Anton Paar DMA35 as well as a digital refractometer.
  • Titrations, sulfur testing and pH’s are all performed on our Hanna 901 Autotitrator.
  • Alcohols are completed via Ebulliometry (the TTB standard).

Our Service Standards

While we are the only privately owned laboratory in the state of Idaho, don’t let that fool you.

We offer superb service with:

  • 24-hour turn around guaranteed for all samples submitted during designated hours
  • Official laboratory reports
  • 10% discount on samples of 3 or more
  • Multiple sample drop-off stations throughout the Treasure Valley (September through November)
  • Knowledgeable consulting on result interpretation and application as needed

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