Each year at harvest we count on House of Wine’s timely and accurate lab work so that we can make the best winemaking decisions possible.

-Greg Koenig

About Our Lab

No two wine laboratories are the same. With varying analysis techniques, technology, and technicians choosing the right laboratory is as important as selecting the right analyses. At House of Wine we strive to provide unsurpassed customer service and here’s how we do it:

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Our Laboratory Personnel

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? In reality, we’re pretty humble and you can read all about our qualifications here. We have over 10 years in laboratory analysis experience and while that’s great, it’s our personal attentiveness to detail and type-A personalities that make our lab one of the best in the Northwest. Perfectionism doesn’t come in handy often, but in a lab, it’s essential.

Our Technology

What this all means is that we have some really fancy equipment that permits us to obtain the most accurate results possible and decrease technical error.  Enough said.

Our Service Standards

While we are the only privately owned laboratory in the state of Idaho, don’t let that fool you. We offer superb service with:

  • 12-hour turn around guaranteed for samples received prior to 12pm Mountain Time
  • 24-hour turn around guaranteed for all samples
  • Official laboratory reports
  • 10% discount on samples of 3 or more
  • Multiple sample drop-off stations throughout the Treasure Valley (September through November)
  • Complete Care Clients receive even more benefits with a personalized analysis scheduling service, data tracking, and complimentary consulting. It’s like having your own personalized Enologist!

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