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Eliminate Wine Tasting Fright!

Oct 6, 2019


Learning a new skill (especially the older/wiser we get) can be scary.  Frequently we see students in our classes so worried about etiquette and evaluating the wine ‘right’ that it overtakes their (...)

The View From the Judge’s Seat

Aug 30, 2019


If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what it’s like to be a wine judge at a competition, read our August 30, 2019 article in the Idaho Press.  This month’s column gives a glimpse into log(...)

Idaho Press’ New Wine Columnist

Aug 15, 2019


We love teaching about wine and spreading knowledge about our favorite beverage.  Thus, we're excited to announce that Kat is the new wine columnist for the Idaho Press!  She'll be writing a monthly article c(...)

DIY Experiments: Create Your OWN Aroma Kit

Aug 1, 2019


Ever wonder how wine professionals can discern aromas and flavors in wine with ease? Do they really smell leather, game, or flint? How? The answer is: YES, because they “train” their noses!  If you’ve ev(...)

DIY Experiments: Flavor and the Retronasal Pathway Copy

Jul 3, 2019


Ever notice that food doesn’t taste as good (or at all) when you have a cold? That’s because our sense of smell plays a major role in what we taste. More specifically, the “retronasal pathway,” the area(...)

What We’re Drinking Now: Spring Wines

May 31, 2019


Although we’re fans of drinking rosé in any season, it’s especially popular in the spring. And when you think of rosé, you may first think of the Provence region in France, which is world-famous for its p(...)

Spanish Wine and Food Series is now ON!

Sep 21, 2018

News & Articles

Spain is country full of spectacular food, wine, and people. Join Kathryn House, Idaho's premier wine educator, as we wander through the wine world of Spain accompanied by wonderfully paired local cuisine. From(...)

Idaho’s Wine Potential is on the Rise

Sep 21, 2018

News & Articles

This June while in Spain on a work trip (rough life, I know), I received a call from reporter Adam Callaghan wanting to learn more about Idaho wines. I was happy to talk with him about the potential of the grea(...)

Explore Northern Italian Wine and Cuisine

Mar 6, 2018

News & Articles

Italy is country full of spectacular food, wine, and people.  Last year Kat became Idaho's only certified Italian Wine Professional (IWP) and is excited to deliver the knowledge she gained with our amazing stu(...)